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November 18, 2008
Just a quick update to let y'all know that the 5-piece line-up I've been graced with of late is the best sounding band I've ever had! Luke Cutchen, Doug Day, Banzai LA Rocca and Matt Farrell have had me smiling from ear to ear on a regular basis. Come check us out!

Wow, it's been a while since my last news flash here. What a crazy year it's been (then again, aren't they all?!)
After the tragedy and mayhem of last summer when we lost Unc, I went to Marquette, Michigan, to meet my then-boyfriend's family. He proposed to me at Black Rocks on the shore of Lake Superior and 7 months later, on the anniversary of our first date - the first day of spring, March 21 - we really did it! The 7 months of preparation for the wedding were so hectic but the wedding was worth it. Here's the wedding announcement (it was shortened for the newspapers):
AUSTIN - Erin Jaime Weinberg of Centerville, Massachusetts and Thomas Oatley of Marquette, Michigan celebrated their union in marriage on the first day of spring, March 21, 2008, at 6:30 in the evening at Laguna Gloria Museum of Art in Austin, Texas. Spike Gillespie officiated. Music for the processional was provided by organist Anthony Farrell; Jimmie Vaughan with Ronnie James played the bride down the aisle with an acoustic rendition of the blues song "Since I Met You Baby". A reception followed in the formal gardens of the historic Driscoll Villa overlooking Lake Austin, under a full moon. Guests danced to the music of the Greyhounds.
A rehearsal dinner was hosted by the groom and his parents at Ironworks Barbeque in Austin.
Erin, daughter of Norma Pasekoff Weinberg and the late J. Morris Weinberg of Centerville and Cambridge, Massachusetts, was given in marriage by her mother and her brother, Adam Weinberg, to Thomas, son of Frank and Marylee Oatley of Marquette, Michigan. The bride wore her grandmother's wedding gown of ivory satin, with a cathedral-length train and veil that she later carried on her arm. The bride's cousins in Israel sent dozens of white roses; other flowers included calla lilies and blue hydrangeas.
Matron of honor was Christina Redman. Bridesmaids were the groom's daughter, Alicia Oatley, the bride's cousin, Hayley Pines, Melinda Ramirez and Sonya Wiley. Best man was Tony Redman. Groomsmen were Adam Weinberg, Cory Moore, Warren MacDonald, and Luke Cutchen. Sydney Weinberg was ring bearer and Jordan Weinberg, flower girl, both nieces of the bride. Ushers and canopy holders were the groom's father, Frank Oatley, the bride's cousin, Seth Pines, Salvatore "Banzai" LA Rocca and Michael "Appa" Perry.
Erin's beloved lhasa-poo, Maudie, attended the festivities wearing his own collar boutonniere. The bride received a bachelor of arts degree in Drama and filmmaking from Vassar College in 1994. A blues singer and bassist, she leads the Erin Jaimes Band in Austin. The bridegroom attended University of Minnesota and is an accomplished guitar technician and production manager. After touring the world extensively with bands, he returned to Austin and created Oatley's Guitar Garage, where he builds and repairs string instruments.
Mr. and Mrs. Oatley reside in Austin Texas.

OK then, back to music! That's why we're here, right? First of all, make sure you check out the Austin City Limits TV shows, due to air around November, with Carolyn Wonderland and Sharon Jones, respectively. Tom teched for Carolyn at the taping this past Thursday and it was fantastic. I was so excited to be there and watching and hearing Carolyn step up and tear the house down was incredible and very moving. What an experience!!!

Back to my band: I have a new guitar player and we are all thrilled, he fits like a glove! For those of you who have not had the opportunity to hear Luke Cutchen play, you should really come out to a show and check him out. Hot damn, did I get lucky this time!
I haven't been booking much outside of Austin - gas prices are getting so prohibitive. It's $120 just to fill up my van! However, we do still travel to Shakespeare's in Houston once every 5 or 6 weeks and we will be sharing a bill with the Eric Tessmer Band, among others, at the Marquette Blues Fest at the end of this summer. That should be a hoot! Locally, we're still playing at Guero's once a month and have been playing various benefits and other shows at Antone's since March. The night after the wedding, in fact, I played a gig at Guero's with all my out of town family and friends there and then got to play on the girls show with Sue Foley, Carolyn Wonderland, Lisa Pankratz and Cindy Cashdollar, among others. In May it was thrilling to kick off the night at Antones, opening for Carolyn and then Patrice Pike!
In April, I joined the Board of Directors for the Austin Blues Society.
Am I rambling yet? Heh heh. Thanks for coming by and catching up. Peace and all the best!

Bitter-sweet update again. Just over a year ago, Uncle John Turner hung up his cell phone in a minivan on Autobahn 1 somewhere in Germany and turned to me in the back seat, a look of bewilderment on his face: "Clifford Antone died last night." Little could I imagine that on a Wednesday afternoon so soon thereafter, this same Unc - my friend, neighbor and mentor - would be taken off life support after an incredibly difficult year battling Hepatitis C. He passed away at 12:45 Thursday morning. I still haven't had a chance to digest it. I called him on father's day because after losing my own father, he stepped into part of a dad's role in my life. In one of our last phone conversations I'll never forget how he called me his "international bassplayer" and told me "I love you, darlin'" right before we hung up. I still expect to see him out in his yard and stop to chat while driving down the street. I still expect to see him with his wife, my friend Morgan, holding hands as they go for their walk. He and Morgan always had my back and I had theirs - being neighbors makes that kind of important...."hey, your car lights are on" or "hey, can you watch the cats for a few days?"
I was honored when Unc was willing to play with me back in 1998, though I was certainly a bit scared of him the first year in a star-struck kind of way. I never imagined we'd be sharing Christmases or that he and his future wife would be the first people by my side when I got the call about my own dad's death. When he took me to Europe last year, he knew I needed a change of scene and wanted to show me that there was more in the world than the black hole my life seemed like at the time. We walked out of a truck stop in Germany together and I started crying - tears of joy. I told him I would be grateful to him forever for giving me the happiest days of my life. I really couldn't recall such joy. He knew what I needed. He had demanded that he bring his own bassist on that tour. I learned so much. Being the two Americans on the tour we were kind of in our own bubble and I, the beginner, got to observe Unc in action in a non-Austin, non-Texas environment. His grace and style, his professionalism and his fantastic sense of humor were a gift. In Copenhagen, he insisted, even in his poor state of health, upon ditching the rest of the band and said, "c'mon, Erin, I'm takin' you on an adventure!" He really knew his way around and we ended up at Mojo's sitting in!
After his 2nd hospitalization this spring (I think there were 8 total for the year) he changed his mind about having a benefit (I'd asked him a few months earlier) - he never asked for anything he didn't absolutely need. He called me and said "Erin, I need a benefit." Carolyn Wonderland also knew Unc would never ask for anything and so we knew how serious this was and immediately kicked into gear.
When Unc asked me for a benefit, he told Morgan that I might think this was too big of a task for me to take on but that he knew I'd learn and grow from it. Two benefits later...yup. Unc was right again!!! One stunning thing, I must say, was to discover what beautiful people, soulful and spiritual, Unc surrounded himself with. Not that it's surprising if you think on it...Unc was always honest with me and one thing he said over the years was something to the effect of me being a very soulful person who lets herself get caught up in too much bullshit. I got to meet a bunch of people, through putting on Unc's benefits, who cut straight through the bullshit to the crux of the matter, people who have a deep understanding of the ways of life and the world....really good people. Another gift from Uncle John.
Wow, it's been a crazy summer. I'm so sad at Unc's passing. He would have loved the benefits we put on in his behalf and I know he was looking forward to them - but I know he was there among us even if we couldn't see him. The August 1st benefit turned out to be the most successful benefit in Antone's history and one of their absolute biggest shows ever! Thanks to all involved. In lieu of helping Unc with medical bills, we are now starting up the Uncle John Turner Foundation. It'll be a long haul and you'll be able to keep up with it (as well as more info about past and future benefits / fundraising events) at UNCATHON. For some great pictures from the Antone's benefit, CLICK HERE.
Margaret Moser wrote a lovely blog about the Antone's event, which you can read HERE.
All my love to Uncle John and Morgan, gratitude to Johnny Winter, all the Austin musicians and wonderful folks who helped make the Aug. 1st benefit possible, Blueshound and Connie Nagel down in Houston, Texas Johnny Brown, Jerry LaCroix, Ezra Charles and all the musicians and helpers on the Houston benefit July 22.
Peace and all the best.

"Soul Garden" CD Release!
Thursday, April 12, 2007
10:00 PM
at the Continental Club, South Congress Ave., Austin, Texas

January 25, 2007
"Soul Garden" is ready to be mixed, and the Austin release will be in April, most likely at Antone's. The CD will probably be available before then, though. I'll keep you posted. No more $10 in the tip jar for this CD, though - I'll still sell "You Had to Go" like that but I have some serious studio bills to pay off! I hope when you listen you will agree that it was well worth it. Engineer/co-producer Stuart Sullivan at Wire Recording is absolutely fabulous and so are all the folks who worked with me on this project!

September 29, 2006
Less than (gulp) 2 weeks to the studio! For better or worse, that means a new Erin Jaimes CD by the holiday season, with some surprise special guests as well!
What a summer this was! The Azores were great (and it was marvelous to have a break from the Austin heat, as I have no A/C at this time!) I have a bunch of photos up on MySpace, which is faster and easier to update than this site, but for those of you who are still leery of getting on MySpace I will eventually update this site as well.
I quit playing at Friends for a couple months because I wanted to put my foot down for a decent guarantee but what it boils down to is that I love playing and need the weekly gig I've had for so many years. So I ate some crow and got my gigs back starting Halloween.
I'm also playing occasional gigs, including New Years, with John McVey.

July 21, 2006
I want to thank Tony Redman and all the guys from Fishman Transducers for including me in the NAMM Convention last weekend. Tony and I played Friday and Sunday (Peter Frampton and Rachel Loy played on the stage earlier Friday) and we had a grand time! Thank you, Fishman, for the Loudbox Performer amp - I love it and will be recommending it! And thank you Martin for the great strings! I believe we'll be doing it next year as well. Standing on the stage at the Convention, Tony said - "hey, there's a guy in a Joe's Generic Bar t-shirt." Well, the guy was my guitar player friend, Scott Unzicker, who walked over and asked me to go play in the Portuguese Azore Islands for ten days starting this coming Tuesday, July 25, through August 5th. Uh, lemme think...HELL YEAH! I talked with my band, cancelled my local gigs and we hired drummer buddy Ian Bailey. It seems the 3 of us are going to stay with the American consul (Dave) at his home. Thank you to Buddy for all you did to make this happen! I'm stoked!!!
Oh - one more thing: I recommend checking out the brand new Gatesville CD, "Ain't it Grand," which came out this week. Very talented bunch of guys. I did backup vocals on 3 tracks, too.

June 6, 2006
Hey, cool! Uncle John, Jan Gerfast and I made the front page of the regional paper, Ostholsteiner Anzeiger, on May 19, 2006 after the Eutin International Bluesfest in germany! Click below to view:
Ostholsteiner Anzeiger Article

June 2, 2006
Bitter-sweet this time. Thanks to Uncle John Turner, Jan Gerfast and Anna "Magic Mama" Johannsen, I have had the happiest time of my life for the past 2 weeks. Jetlag is kicking in now that I am home but I'm ignoring it as best I can. I played on a steamship in Stockholm harbor Monday night, went out for an end-of-tour nightcap with the band, got a cab to the airport at 4:30AM, arrived in Austin at 5:30PM Tuesday, got home, changed shirts, loaded the van and played my Friends gig at 8PM Tuesday night...and it was a blast!
I guess Clifford passed away while I was having a grand old time playing in a medieval German castle for a count and countess. So strange getting a cell phone call the next day on Autobahn 1. He used to like me to sing Percy Sledge songs to him...I was just thinking about him and singing "Cover Me" and bam! came the call. Of course I want to think it's something psychic but I'm sure he had plenty of other shoulders to tap as he departed. Being so far away and detached was unsettling...dedicating a song to him in front of a Swedish audience and not knowing if anyone understood was just plain surreal. Thank goodness Uncle John was there with me to talk with.
My dad died in 2002 so I guess I can deal with the losing a father figure part of it. Losing a friend is hard in another sense. Losing someone who gave so selflessly with childlike openness, who told stories and listened to stories, who was always there for me...It gets scary out there sometimes for a girl on her own...And of course, having the support of a great figure in the blues telling me how much he believed in me was for years a constant undercurrent that would bouy my spirits when things got rough and help pull me through...That sounds so damn self-indulgent at a time like this so enough about that..."I love you, baby"...Yeah, maybe he said that to all the gals but it sure felt good and I know he meant it everytime he said it to anyone...HUGE heart!!!
Cliff, I still owe you a new mixed tape...but the rate we've been losing our beloved blues legends lately, you're probably jamming with the original artists right about now anyway...It just makes me that much less scared to face my own time when it comes.
My condolences go out to all those affected by his death. I really hope the family, especially Susan, are okay...she's a strong woman but I know she loved her brother and she sure has her hands even more full than normal...
Peace, that's all for now. EJ

May 5, 2006
Change is in the air...
It's hard to believe but I'm not with John McVey & the Stumble anymore as of May 2 due to what youy might call irreconcileable differences. It's been a great 7 years and I wish John the best. He'll always be the baddest blues guitarist around and I am grateful for all he has taught me through the years. Also, Shakespeare's in Houston has been sold, to all of our shock! All the best to the Black family and thank you for 6 marvelous years.
On the happy side, Uncle John and I are leaving for our Sweden, Germany & Denmark tour on the 15th of May for 2 weeks.
Banzai is back from Italy safe and sound! Banzai and Matt Sessions are still playing with me with George Rarey on guitar and Matt Farrell on keys when possible. Finally, Beth Garner ( and I have been dabbling around with some stuff - it's about time I got to rock out with some chicks!

Plans are brewing for a new Erin Jaimes CD to come out this year - some new originals and other fun stuff...I'll keep ya posted.
I'll be going on tour with Uncle John Turner and Jan Gerfast in Sweden, Germany & Denmark this May for 2 weeks.
The latest John McVey & the Stumble CD release date on Doc Blues Records is March or April...don't ask me, folks, it's been in the can since August...! We've gotten great response from those who've heard it so far, though, so keep an eye out for it.
I went in tonight to record a few backup vocals on Chris Gates' new CD (he's got Tony Redman on guitar). All I can say is...Wow! what a songwriter and musician! The band is "Gatesville" and the estimated release date is March 4th.
That's all for now. Peace and all the best to you for 2006!

John McVey's new CD (as yet untitled) on Doc Blues Records is in the can! Produced by Riley Osborn, the release date will probably be in December. Erin is the featured vocalist on 4 tracks.

for two weeks in September 2005, 1/2 of tips at our shows were given to the Red Cross to assist with Katrina hurricane relief efforts.
We were able to donate over $300.00 - it was really good for the band to be able to do our part to help through music. Thanks to all who chipped in!

In August & September Erin's Net10 Wireless Phone "Perfect 10" commercials aired on national network & cable TV, radio and webcast - as well as print ads in Rolling Stone, People Magazine and Entertainment Weekly! Erin flew to Florida twice in July, recording audio & video for the ads at Manhattan Transfer Studios in Miami.

In the Austin Chronicle's 2004 Music Awards,
Erin came in at #8 among Austin's top 10 bassists.
Thanks to all who voted!

Austinights TV Show supports live Austin Music and featured Erin Jaimes & Her Bad Habits in March, 2004. The weekly program airs on Warner Bros. TV Saturdays at 1:30AM. Check them out online at